The Mothership and the Work

The mothership of all ventures, Matthew Couloute&Company allows me to assist others in establishing and building brands and businesses while helping the community along the way. Projects start within the four walls of C&C and go own to grow into their own niche marketplace. Organic growth and synergistic projects is what make these brands come together. And, at the same time, enables me to assist others in developing their business passion. Take a look at some of the projects that we have going and the brands we work with and develop. Each is distinctive and yet organically attached to the other providing for stability and growth. Here are a few of our projects in our incubator.

Castries Trading Company -  The growth and development of contemporary retail has lead Castries Ltd. to retreat to the genesis of retail, the traditional trading company. Searching worldwide for unique, hard to find, limited run products that consumers covet is the backbone of this company.  With vendors worldwide, only the finest product representations are available at Castries.

XS Motorsports - A true lifestyle motorsport band founded to inclusively celebrate the love of motoring and acknowledging and promoting how motoring is often used to express our personalities and lifestyles.

M&A Licensing - A true to form Licensing Company that seeks to recognize modern and historical artist, athletes, celebrities  musicians, and creatives that are looking for new ways to utilize their intellectual property.

Driven Digital  Platform - The online documenting of individuals that exhibit grit,internal fortitude and passion that drives them to impacts other's lives.

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To Learn More about any of these project or any of the brands we are currently working with, you can use the button below that will contact Matthew Couloute directly.